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We have implemented a major update!

The Meta Quest and Steam versions of "Akpala" have been significantly upgraded! We have added various updates, including the ability to practice flying magic and a training ground for practicing magic, as well as the introduction of new stages.


The official Akpala website is now open.

The official "Akpala" website is now live! In this game, we've incorporated innovative and captivating features like voice-activated magic chants and the e-act catcher, unlike anything before. We also plan to continuously roll out feature updates in the future. Detailed information about the latest updates will be provided through this official website, but any changes will be announced via our company's Twitter.

Please make sure to follow us!

アートボード 1.png

We will be exhibiting at the Tokyo Game Show.

We are thrilled to announce that our booth will be featured at the Tokyo Game Show! On this special occasion, why not stop by our booth and experience our game firsthand? We sincerely look forward to seeing you there!

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