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Akpala is the cosmic junction of the universe, where every reality and every moment are connected. Inside Akpala, one can find a perfect, condensed representation of every world that exists and every moment in time.

 For some sages, these representations are the pure concepts from which the physical worlds are derived. For others, they are mere reflections of the larger universe. They exist beyond space and time but are always accessible to those that know how to enter.

Throughout history, the spheres of Akpala have been used as places of meeting, astral embassies where worlds at war could meet and parley at no risk. But also, as places of learning and enjoyment.

Since Akpala is an astral world, existing only in the ethereal plane, there is no way to physically be there. The way to visit is to send your astral projection, a cosmic representation of your own physical body, into it.

Because of this, as one’s astral projection cannot die, over time, magicians, warlocks, sorcerers, and other occultists of all sorts of worlds and ages have learned to enter Akpala, using it as a place to share arcane knowledge, but most importantly, as training grounds. In the spheres of Akpala, they can practice even the most destructive spells and battle against other peers without risking their lives or the lives of the ones around them. Thus, the tradition of the Magic Battle was born.

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