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A Word from Our Team

Growing up, I was captivated by Ultraman, reenacting its epic battles with my friends daily. As we shouted "Specium Ray!" and "Ice Lugger!", we'd strike poses, envisioning radiant beams vanquishing the enemy monsters. Reflecting on those cherished memories, I realize Akpala was born from such dreams. Whether you saw yourself as Ultraman, dispatching foes with his energy rays, or as a mystical Sailor Guardian harnessing the moon's power, Akpala brings those childhood fantasies back to life. And with AI opponents in the mix, the magic never ends!

Development Members

Game Design
Masahiro Sakakibara
Komoshita Masashi ,  Masahiko Nitanda  , Peter Perfeito
Naoto Uwatoko
Battle Field Design
Shun Hashimoto , Dashinoya, Masahiro Sakakibara
UI Design
Character Design
Lala hy
Effect Design
Shoudousei Hisuteria Mk-II
Public Relations
Kannonji Wakana
David Yang , Naoto Uwatoko , Masahiro Sakakaibara
Koharu Moriguchi, Aya Fuchigami
Voice Acting (English)
Calina : Hina Minato Airun : Ryan Oka Lukia :Megumi Tamagawa Castiel : Anii from Ushinohi Project

AI Voice
Shikoku Metan
Special thanks
Kiyoto Shibuya ,  Akihiro Takamoto ,  Yuto Kisanuki , Toshiaki Suda

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