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Emissary Lukia

Age: 18

Physical Description: long blonde hair, green eyes, fit body, likes to wear white and gold and blue, armor with small, feathered wings that can grow into full-sized angelic wings.

Abilities: athletics, flying, celestial laws, investigation, logic

Magic: light

Personality: Lukia is strict but naïve. She believes rules must be followed and cannot lie. She has a very serious personality and hates jokes or irony, since she doesn’t understand them. She, however, loves birds and sweets and can get almost break the rules for those…


Back Story

Lukia is a winged emissary, one of the angelic beings of Anjutar sent to police other worlds. Her task is to make sure that every soul is acting in accordance with its role in the celestial hierarchy and investigate any potential breaches.
Like all residents of Anjutar, she feels a strong compulsion to uphold her role as a guardian of order, forsaking her own personality and desires in order to serve the greater good.
She led an ordered, peaceful life growing up, learning all the Spirit Codices and their million laws, in anticipation of her ordained life as a cosmic detective.
Like most of those in Anjutar, she was to follow a very stable path in life. Start as a lowly clerk, slowly going up the ranks of the emissary forces until perhaps a few decades later, getting a field job in Earth or one of the lower worlds. The Hierarchy, however, had different plans.
She had barely graduated from the novice academy when one of the Hierarchs called her to his office in the crystal tower: “Novice Lukia,” said the Hierarch, his booming voice coming from inside her head, “I hope your thoughts and feelings are in good order. I am to tell you something that will surprise you.”
To be in the presence of a Hierarch was always disconcerting, even for a trained emissary like Lukia.
They had long given up any semblance of human-like shape, living as pure representations of law, golden spheres covered with spinning rings, their all-seeing eyes blinking from each shimmering surface of their body. Hearing the word “surprise” coming from one made her heart beat faster.
“Yes, honored Hierarch. I am ready for whatever you ask of me. If it is a surprise, it is due to my
own ignorance, as I’m sure it has been properly ordained,” muttered Lukia.
“Very well,” the deep voice boomed again, “You will descend to Demoscus and investigate a most serious matter. Protector Castiel will join you soon and share the details. May your path never stray, Emissary Lukia, you are now dismissed!”
“De…moscus?” for the first time in her life Lukia felt no control over her emotions. It was a brief moment, however, as she quickly recomposed herself.
The Hierarch, however, had already retreated to other matters, and she saw herself moving out of the tower trying to make sense of what she had just heard.
“But I just graduated, why must I go to Demoscus of all worlds?”, she mumbled under hear breath.
It was not angry question, she would of course follow the command. It was just baffling.
Once out of the tower, she found a white marble bench in the beautiful plaza that surrounded it and sat down for a moment of respite. She rummaged through her knapsack and picked up a fist-sized object wrapped in gold foil. One of her favorites.
She quickly started devouring the fluffy cloud-cake, her heart rate finally slowing down a bit.
“Ah, so there you are, the lovely Lukia I must protect from now on!”, it was a clearly enunciated, loud and annoying voice that interrupted her moment of peace.
“Wait... what, who are yo…”, Lukia replied with a mouthful of cake still in her mouth, almost choking.
A smiling boy, certainly not older than her, wearing gold filigreed armor and the royal blue of the Protector Order was now kneeling in front of her, offering her a handkerchief.
“I am Protector Castiel, your new partner. Please count on me to the success of our mission.”
“Oh no…” she didn’t actually say it out loud, but wished she did…

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