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Protector Castiel

Age: 20

Physical Description: short blonde hair, blue eyes, strong body, wears steel armor with gold gilding and theroyal blue of the Protector Order.

Abilities: fighting, defense, human customs, jokes

Magic: battle magic

Personality: Castiel is a capable fighter that never breaks his smile even in the worst situations. He loves to learn about human culture, and is fascinated by humor, a very strange concept in Anjutar. He is chivalrous to a point he can be misunderstood as flirty, even with other guys.


Back Story

Castiel waited outside the Celestial Law Bureau with an awkward
smile, his eyebrows slightly tensed as he kept looking at the large
golden doors. His first partner was supposed to come out at any
moment, and he had no idea what to expect.
After some very long minutes, the red-eyed, surprisingly short Emissary
finally came through. She looked at him with tired eyes and gave a short bow.
“You must be Castiel, my new protector. I’m Zaria, as you know. Shall we get
“Uh, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you in person, Emissary Zaria! Of course,
shall we debrief now?”
“Sounds good, but I’m starving. Let’s do it over some tea and sandwiches,
shall we? It’s on me, come on.” She patted him on the back as Castiel sighed
in relief.
He followed her for a bit as she went into a small teahouse famous for its
selection of outworld items.
“Welcome back, Emissary Zaria! The usual?” The shopkeeper, a silver
construct with a familial tone, immediately recognized her.
“Yes, please, but make it a double for my new partner,” replied Zaria as she
settled into a corner table, instructing Castiel to sit down.
“Of course, two platters of strange delights with our ethereal blend coming
right up!”
Castiel looked around the cozy teahouse, taking in the eclectic decor. Shelves
lined with jars of colorful teas and peculiar artifacts gave the place a magical
feel. He sat across from Zaria, feeling a mix of curiosity and anticipation.
Zaria leaned back in her chair, her tired eyes softening a bit. “So, Castiel, tell
me a bit about yourself. Why Protector?”
Castiel hesitated for a moment, then smiled. “Eh... I never thought much
about it, it just seemed right. When I learned about the protector role, it just
felt like a natural fit. And you? How did you become an emissary?”
Zaria chuckled softly. “It’s a long story, but the short version is I was
discovered to have a strong affinity for magic at a young age. The Celestial
Order took me in, trained me, and here I am. It’s not always easy, but I
believe in what we do.”
Their conversation was interrupted as the shopkeeper returned with two
platters of assorted sandwiches and a pot of steaming tea. The aroma of
exotic spices filled the air, making Castiel’s mouth water.
“Here you go! Enjoy,” the shopkeeper said with a smile.
Zaria poured the tea, the liquid shimmering with a faint, ethereal glow. She
handed a cup to Castiel, who took a cautious sip. The flavor was unlike
anything he’d ever tasted, a blend of floral and spicy notes that seemed to
invigorate his senses.
“Now, about our mission...”

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